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    Dessey is a simple ergonomic office chair. It is made of technical materials and has two lateral sections in the back area that support variable adjustment from 90-105°. It can give good support to various sitting positions. Office employees who are exhausted from long hours of sitting can benefit from the relaxing effect on the body and mind.

    Product Details

    This ergonomically designed chair has a support system that perfectly fits all the vertebrae of the human body. It has an expanded and widened full-surface design, which provides a larger contact area for the body and disperses body pressure more quickly.

    The variable lumbar support, 45° lumbar support mode, combined with a dynamic support system gives the comfort of a professional massage therapist.

    The thickened air rod has passed the SGS safety certification. The five-star base has superior balance and load-bearing capacity, allowing you to use it safely.

    Made of Italian velvet with Kinnls unique knitting process, it has excellent elasticity and tensile strength!

    Package Includes:

     – 1 Chair

    – 1 Set of assembling tools

    – 1 User manual

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