Desey Freya Power Recliner Chair


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Freya electric recliner is a refined luxury choice. This leather recliner can offer an updated take on a classic style, making it a piece that’s sure to elevate the look of your office or living room.


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    Freya Power Recliner Chair is made of imported top-layer cowhide through over ten producing processes. This chair is soft and comfortable, giving you a superior sitting experience.

    It is designed with two control modes of single motor and double motor. A single motor can simultaneously control the extension of the footrest and backrest. Dual motors can control the footrest and backrest separately.

    In addition, this chair has a lithium battery that allows you to use it anywhere. At the same time, supported by a double-layer backrest, it can offer you a complete sensation of security.


    Chair Height 47.24-48.61 inches
    Seat Depth 20.07 inches
    Seat Width 19.68 inches
    Tilt Angle 90°-165°
    Max Load Capacity 450-550 lbs

    Dual or Single Motor Model

    Single Motor Chair: The button powers both the back and footrest at the same time. This means when the backrest is reclined the footrest rises automatically

    Dual-Motor Chair: Two buttons can power the back and footrest independently, which means you can separately control the backrest and footrest.

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